You can find here some general documentations about the Rainbow Tables, how to exploit them, why and the associated software.

You can download the documentations (PDF/adobe acrobat) for free, so you can quickly use software found there with rainbow tables to find the clear text of a reclaimed hash. You will find some explications about how to brute force password and find it, depending of the Hashs and the algorithm that was used for it.

Password Cracking
A short documentation who give's idea about Dictionary Attacks, Brute Force and benchmarking about Rainbow Tables
Rainbow Tables Explained
How generate Rainbow Tables and how using it by using RainbowCrack.
Using Kali with Rainbow Tables
How you can use Kali Linux and Rainbow tables to recover passwords from Hashs
OphCrack for Dummies
Simply use Ophcrack with rainbow tables to quicky find passwords
Our Commitment
These documentations are free. You can download and copy all of them without notice us. We only give it to help you to use our rainbow tables.