Software to use with the Rainbow Tables

To decode passwords with rainbow tables, you need software to interface the hashes and the tables. You can have some of them by paying and very powerful by the use of GPU graphics like NVIDIA or AMD, others are open sources and ready to go.

Here you will find free open source software for using rainbow tables. These are freely downloadable with no paying licence. You can then use the documentation available on site to quickly use the software.

If you know of other open-source software that works with rainbow tables, please let us know and we'll add it to the list. Welcome on this fabulous world of security !
Rainbow Crack
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Rainbow Table for testing
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sha1_loweralpha-numeric#1-6_0 RT
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These software was tested by 10 antivirus and we certified there are exempt from any known virus or malware. If you want to use them and need help, please just go to How to ? page and download pdf explications file